Everything You Need to Know About Xyngular’s Black Friday Deals

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Bold statement isn’t it? After all, aren’t we knee-deep in the holiday baking season and rapidly approaching the time when goodies and treats will start arriving on our doorstep?!

The holidays can indeed be de-light-ful with our extra special Black Friday promotion. Xyngular is going to add a little sugar and spice to your holiday…

Curb Your Sugar Cravings with a Trimstix Triple Pack*

That’s right. We said...TRIPLE. Trimstix Fruit Punch, Orange Pineapple, and Pink Lemonade are available for Black Friday! Pink Lemonade Trimstix—the crowd favorite that sold out in under 36 hours is BACK for Black Friday.

Pick up the Trimstix Triple or the Trimstix Pink Lemonade 2-Pack while supplies last! (Which won’t be long, because people go bananas for these flavors!) Added bonus? Both packs are 10% off and come with a free 3-pack of the cutest, merriest reusable silicone straws!

Spice Up Your Weight Loss Routine with Amazing Freebies

Our wildly popular weight-loss systems come bearing gifts! Our Black Friday promotions on Core, Ignite, and Ultimate include product freebies and adorable, cozy Xyngular gear that will knock your stockings off!

Buy Core, get Xr2 FREE. ($62.99 value!)

Buy Ignite, get Lean Chocolate and a Xyngular Beanie FREE. ($99.99 value!)

Buy Ultimate, get Trim Down Trio, a Xyngular Beanie, Trimstix Socks, and a 3-pack of striped reusable silicone straws FREE. ($229 value!)

While Supplies Last!

This Black Friday is going to be BIG. So big, that we can’t wait until Friday, so set your alarm for 9:00 AM MST, Tuesday, November 24th because that’s when you can grab these sure-to-sell-out-deals! Contact your Xyngular Distributor or login to your Xyngular account to get these deals ASAP!


Trimstix Features, Benefits, And What They Mean In Your Life

Trimstix isn’t just a delicious, 10-calorie mix! It’s incredible at reducing cravings—our patented, naturally sourced proprietary blend of ingredients is shown to curb unwanted sugar cravings (think that might come in handy this holiday season?) and quell appetite.*

Trimstix is also an effective fat burner. Specially formulated, Trimstix effectively accelerates fat loss, directing glucose away from fat stores in your body and into muscle tissue to be metabolized. Additionally, Trimstix contains L-Carnitine, which can help boost metabolism and assist in healthy fat loss.*

Trimstix is an amazing, jittery-free energy booster. And who couldn’t use a bit more energy during the holiday season?! Trimstix makes you free great without the crash that comes from sugar and carbs. This portable and delicious energy boost is just the ticket for this time of year!*

READ MORE: Get To Know the Trimstix Ingredients

Power Of Exclusivity: Pink Lemonade is a Limited Product

We only release new, limited-time flavors a few times each year. Earlier this year, we released Trimstix Pink Lemonade to an OVERWHELMING response. Customers could not get enough! So we thought, what better way to spread a little holiday cheer than to bring back a Xyngular favorite! And you’ve got two options—get Pink Lemonade as part of the Trimstix Triple Pack, or double down on your love of Pink Lemonade with the exclusive 2-pack. (And we cannot say this enough...while supplies last!)

Why Does Xyngular’s Weight Loss Plan Work?

In a world where weight loss plans seem to be a dime a dozen, what’s the hype about Xyngular? This unique weight loss plan works so well because our systems cover the whole spectrum of needs for your body during a weight loss transformation. Our kits help shift habits, support fat burning, and boosts energy, so you won’t feel miserable or deprived along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask yourself: Am I living my best life? What would I be able to accomplish if I were more healthy? If you want to act on those questions, get to know the Ultimate System, the Ignite System, and the Core System.*

Best Way To Sell? Learn To Serve By Telling Your Story.

Xyngular Systems and Trimstix are so much more than just simple weight loss tools. Tell your story and share how and why you use your favorite Xyngular products.

The Trimstix Triple Pack is a game-changer when it comes to reducing cravings! Reach out to your customers and tell them about the 10-calorie mix that will help them keep to their health goals when all those delicious goodies start making the rounds. Share your Trimstix experience and how you use this sweet, citrusy drink to help you stay strong and limit your sugar intake when temptation levels are high.*


Let Your Customers Know Something Big is Coming

Email and text your current and potential customers a few days before the launch on Tuesday, November 24th that you’re going to have some great deals to share first thing Monday morning. When you reach out, feel free to use any of the text and images from the Xyngular pages to help you promote this offer to your customers.

Strategic Sampling

Get some Trimstix samples into the hands of your friends, family, and potential customers as a teaser for the Black Friday promotion. That way, it’s even easier to get them excited about the Triple or 2-Pack offer.

Hold a Holiday Giveaway

Giveaway your favorite Xyngular products on social media to generate excitement and engagement leading up to the Black Friday promotion. Your followers will be more engaged and interested in your follow up messages around holiday discounts.

Hook Up Your Friends and Family

Holiday shopping season is made for a good old fashioned “friends and family” deal and our Xyngular Black Friday promotions are no different! Now is the time to reach out to ask and encourage your friends and family to share your social posts, texts, and emails to help spread the word about these discounts, delicious products, and festive gear!

Three Incredible Products. One Amazing Offer.

Just like the rest of our Xyngular products, you never have to worry about mystery ingredients in Trimstix. Trimstix is delicious, vegan, and gluten-, soy-, dairy-, and nut-free! Plus, it is manufactured in the US in a Good Manufacturing Practices-compliant factory.

The convenient on-the-go mix is specially formulated with naturally sourced ingredients proven to effectively reduce cravings, support healthy blood sugar levels, boost energy levels, and achieve healthy weight loss. It even contains a little fiber to aid in hunger control and more comfortable digestion.*

Ready to Start Your Own Xyngular Business?

There are so many fantastic Xyngular products to share! If you’re reading this as a member or customer and are ready to become a part of this fantastic community of business builders, get more information about Xyngular here.

Ready fill those stockings for Black Friday? Contact your Xyngular Distributor or login to your Xyngular account to get these deals ASAP!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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